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Welcome to S. Daniels Consulting, your trusted partner for innovative transformation strategies. We specialize in delivering tailored management consulting services to foster sustainable growth and drive operational excellence. Explore our range of services designed to empower your business to thrive in today's dynamic corporate landscape.

Project Management

Our project management support focuses an Agile methodology to provide opportunity for flexibility, adaptability, and an iterative process centering stakeholder engagement. With this, we use a suite of collaboration tools to improve communication. To effectively work with distributed teams, we embrace remote work utilizing the appropriate technologies. Our overall focus for project management is sustainable outcomes.


Strategic Planning

Our approach to strategic planning utilizes both design thinking and scenario planning to help your organization consider a range of opportunities, then defines problems, ideate solutions, prototype plans, and then test and refine them. In collaborating with you, we focus on sustainability that can lead to cost savings, increased impact, new partnerships and opportunities, and a stranger business and brand.


Research & Evaluation 

Our approach to research and evaluation focuses on enhancing data collection, analysis, and interpretation. We utilize a variety of methods to engage in research and evaluation including utilizing AI tools and data visualization tools. We can support your data analysis and short-term reporting needs, in addition to assisting you in transforming your data into stories of impact or actionable steps.


Training and Facilitation

Our innovative training and facilitation approaches support you and your team in keeping up with the rapidly evolving needs of the modern workplace. We utilize a variety of methods including 1:1 coaching, team building, microlearning, social learning, mobile learning, blended learning, and guidance on building a culture of continuous learning. We are flexible to your needs and can incorporate a variety of learning pedagogies to meet your goals and outcomes.

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