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S. Daniels Consulting, LLC is a management consulting company that provides organizational and professional development business solutions to organizations and companies across all industries through tailored solutions based on industry best practices. Our services are unique to each client and include strategic planning, research and data analysis, program evaluation, compliance, corporate social responsibility and impact, project management, human resources management advisory, and workshops and training.

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With over 10 years of experience in the public sector, including experience in human resources, nonprofit management, and government administration, S. Daniels Consulting understands your needs. Our solutions align your people, optimize their contributions, and accelerate your strategic plan. We are adept at both the theoretical and practical side of public sector project management and professional development.

Our team holds the following credentials:

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Public Policy

  • Master of Public Administration in Nonprofit Management

  • Bachelor of General Studies in Arts and Humanities

  • Certified Adverse Childhood Experiences Educator

  • Local and national workshop and training facilitator

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S. Daniels Consulting engages in the artistry of consulting, i.e., paying attention to where the organization is stuck; recognizing the tension in the organization between what is currently happening and what it wants to happen; and, identifying what the organization has the energy, willingness, and resources to change.

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We're sensitive about our clients' needs. Once we learn a client's roadblocks, we use inventiveness to frame the areas of concern, agree on intended results, set priorities, arrange a timeline for completion of the work, and identify criteria for success


"The turnaround time exceeded my expectations. I was amazed at how quickly you completed the design and how you listened to my ideas.

—  Jurline Redeaux, Executive Director of New Impression, Long Beach, California

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