Show me the money! All about grants.


This info isn’t just for my nonprofit folks. There are a lot of funding opportunities going around for both nonprofits and for-profits.

The reality is finding grants and winning grants takes strategy. Here are some hard truths about grants:

  • There’s no one-size-fits-all proposal template; each grant solicitation will tell you exactly what they want from you

  • Grant writing is a PROCESS that takes time

  • Managing and maintaining a grant is sometimes harder than actually writing the grant

  • Grants come with terms, responsibilities, and conditions

  • Funders know exactly what they will and won’t fund, so make sure your vision and mission is aligned with the grant

The key aspect of having a successful grants strategy is preparation! It's planning ahead of grants season, having a solid process for finding opportunities, and following the directions when responding to grants solicitations.

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