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Professional Development

Professional Development aims to improve group and individual performance by increasing and honing skills and knowledge. Learning and development, often called training and development, forms part of an organization’s talent management strategy and is designed to align group and individual goals and performance with the organization’s overall vision and goals.

With our expertise in talent management, paired with an evaluation of your organization's needs, we can develop a coaching plan for your employees. This can be done as a group or individually. In addition, we can also facilitate a variety of training sessions for your team.

Training areas:

  • Personality Assessments

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

  • Team Building

  • Adverse Childhood Experiences

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Organizational Development

We can assist you in examining your organization's goals to achieve longevity. With expertise in working with a variety of organizations, we can spread head the following projects:


  • Human resources management advisory

  • Strategic planning

  • Independent evaluation

  • Research and data analysis

  • Program development and evaluation

  • Organization pre-formation

  • Survey development and administration​

  • Focus groups

  • Corporate social responsibility and impact planning

  • Administrative support

  • Conference, retreat, and meeting planning

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Thought Partnership

Thought partnership provides incredible value in collaboratively addressing real-world problems, often in real-time, often using principles and ideas from great thought leadership.

We can collaborate  with your organization's leaders in a time span of 6-12 month through guided confidential conversations to:

  • ​Navigate current challenges to induce transformation

  • Encourage modification or changes or your paradigms, assumptions or actions

  • Provoke you to innovate or otherwise lead to value creation in your organization

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